Price List for UGC Services


* My Video Starter Package consists of 2 completely different video concepts for the same product, with 2 alternate hooks each. This way you can test out different approaches and concepts to get more insights and analytics on what works best for your audience so we can create better and faster content in the future.

**The Multi Language Package offers 2 variants of the same video concepts in 1. English & 2. German. I am a native German speaker and If you are catering to the English & German speaking market, you can get videos to use for both markets in one go. Since I already created the concept for one video and worked out which scenes to shoot, I can discount the second language video slightly, as it still needs to be fully re-recorded in  German. If you only need a different voice over, this can be discounted at a different price as well. 

Monthly retainers and Social Media Account Management are available upon request.

Usage rights for ads are charged at a percentage on top of the basic price, per 30 calendar days.


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