Hi, my name is Mura and I am the founder of the Tribe Brand. I am originally from Germany, but have lived in Australia, New York and now in London. I have always been a very creative and active person, constantly creating something new. Passion is my biggest motivation and gives me all my energy. Do something that a you love and it won’t feel like work. Life is short and doing something we don’t enjoy doing, is the biggest waste of time. And there is nothing more valuable than our time. I believe that it is our responsibility to direct our life in a way that we’ll get the happy ending we want, like a Hollywood movie.

So let’s create magic and have fun!


I started out with singing, dancing and acting when I was a kid. In my late teen years, I found my passion for designing fashion pieces. After completing a few music projects in Germany and NYC, I started the Mura Tribe as a community to meet like-minded people and as a multi purpose brand, where I could combine all my passions and skills into one project. The Tribe brand consists of serval different businesses, in different fields. All of these come together into one project. I call it a Vibewear brand, where fashion meets music, art & videography.

I taught myself how to create beautiful visual content, from filming to editing it, while telling the stories of my life. I write and sing the soundtrack songs that go along with it, design the fashion pieces, paint the art that’s used for the prints and love every part of it.

Barista opened its doors in Scottsdale in July 2018. Quickly embraced by Phoenix locals and international visitors, our café, restaurant & event space has flourished with multiple locations across the region. Barista brings to life childhood favorites, both savory and sweet, from the south of France and North America.

Open seven days a week, we offer a selection of delicious baked goods, coffee, fresh breakfast and lunch options. Be sure to grab a cup.


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